Aikido (the way of harmonising the energy of the universe) is first and foremost a martial art but it is also much more. At its most basic level Aikido is a system of throwing, joint-locking, striking and pinning techniques, coupled with training in the use of sword (bokken), staff (jo) and knife (tanto) techniques. Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba in the early twentieth century and has now grown to be one of the world’s most popular martial arts. It places emphasis on practical efficiency, and is the style used to train women and anti-riot teams of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

Size, weight, age and physical strength play only a small role in Aikido, also making it a uniquely suited option for women, children and older students.

As a form of Budo (the martial way), Aikido is more than a fighting art. It is a path of personal discovery and character improvement. The path on which you have taken the first steps is different for each person but if you train hard you will see improvements in many areas of your life. Some of the benefits include increased physical fitness, improved self-confidence and a greater awareness of yourself and your boundaries as well as those of people around you.


Gozo SHIODA was a prominent student of Ueshiba and went on to develop the Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo which practised a combat ready style which was and is still taught to the Tokyo Police due to its practical and effective nature.

The Eagle Dojo began as an idea back in 2004 when Phil Musson Sensei and his wife Rachael Musson Sensei began taking lessons in the David Lloyds Leaisure Facility. They steadilt built a student base and in 2010 they moved to the current location on the Embankment in Nottingham and the EAGLE DOJO was formed.

Of course there has been many influences that have helped shape the direction of the Dojo Ken Robson SHIHAN of the Shudokan UK was inspirational in the training of both Phil and Rachael.

Joe THAMBU Shihan from Shudokan Australia has always been a great friend of the dojo and has provided guidance and assistance throughout its early growth.

In 2015 Robert MUSTARD Shihan accepted Rachael and Phil into his Shobukan Aikido Group and the Dojo now comes directly under his technical direction and grading Phil Sensei to Godan (5th dan) and introducing and facilitating the Eagle Dojo into membership with the International Yoshinkan Federation.

In 2023 the Eagle Dojo was officially recognised as a Aikido Shudokan International (ASI) school affiliated directly to Joe Thambu Shihan.

It is a particularly proud affiliation for Musson Sensei who has known Thambu Sensei as a friend and teacher since first meeting him in 2000.

Thambu Shihan has visited and taught at the Eagle Dojo since it was founded at least twice a year and we are excited to take the dojo to new heights under Thambu Senseis tutelage.

Students and teachers from the Eagle Dojo have traveled extensivelyaround the world to train including places like Australia, Malaysia, Canada, France and Poland in order to take tuition from top teachers from around the world.

They host many seminars at the Dojo and often have estreemed teachers like Robert Mustard Shihan Shobukan Burnaby (Canada) and Joe Thambu Shihan Aikido Shudokan Australia visiting the dojo in order to assist in the progression and strength of the Dojo.