These are dangerous times for your child and many parents are turning to the martial arts to provide their children with the self defence skills that they may some day require.

Aikido is a great choice as it does not require physical strength or brutal kicking and punching power. It is an ideal choice no matter what gender, shape or size your child is and that is why it is the preferred martial art of the military and Police world wide.

Here at Shudokan Aikido West Bridgford we will strive to provide your child with the confidence and tools to say no and give them the common sense and strength of character to walk away and avoid those difficult situations they will at some time be confronted with.

At our academy we will provide a safe and healthy environment where your child can learn and have fun at the same time. By using simple tried and tested teaching techniques we will work with you and your child to improve their essential Life Skills, confidence, coordination, discipline, respect and fitness. ( see our section on Life Skills for more information)

Below are 10 of the reasons to give Aikido a try if your son or daughter has shown any interest in physical activity and specifically, martial arts training.

1) Aikido is a “non-aggressive” martial art.

2) Aikido emphasises remaining calm, relaxed balanced.

3) Aikido teaches kids “practical” self-defence.

4) Aikido gives kids a positive world view.

5) Aikido teaches to enjoy every experience in life.

6) Aikido helps kids in, and at, school.

7) Aikido for kids helps with sports.

8. Aikido is for everyone.

9) Aikido works for people of all shapes and sizes.

10) Aikido classes for kids are good physical activity!