Life Skills

Martial Arts should be first and formost an effective form of self-defence but at the Eagle Dojo we have a higher responsibility which we take very seriously.

For our age group 4-9 years we intend to develop your childs life skills, concentrating on Discipline, Confidence, Concentration, Determination, Coordination and Good Manners. All in a safe and positive environment.

We work on these skills in each and every class and use our Merit Badge Achievement Scheme to develop your childs commitment to this programme (see below for more details).

Student Creed

This is our moral promise each child undertakes when they begin their training

I intend to develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that will reduce my physical health and mental growth.

I intend to develop my self-discipline to bring out the best in myself and others.

I intend to use what I learn in class constructively and positively to help myself and others and to never be abusive or offensive.

Awesome Effort

Simillar to the reward star charts you may operate at home, this is a three month time-table where you set tasks and rewards to focus your child using the principles that we employ at Aikido.

When the student returns their three month completed diary having achieved the targets set by you they are awarded their AWESOME EFFORT badge. This is a badge that the instructors constantly encourage the students and parents to participate in.

Academic Achiever

The completion of this badge incorporates the assistance of your childs school teacher who is required to set tasks and once completed sign a form which is returned to the Shudokan. This teaches the student the value of the life skills and how they are used in every class. All schools engage in this programme and speak highly of its importance.


This is the first symbol in the Japanese word Aikido (Ai-Harmony).  We use this badge to promote respect and good manners towards others. Students will achieve this by helping newcomers or showing consistent good manners and respect during class.


This is the second symbol in the Japanese word Aikido ( Ki-Spirit).  This badge is awarded for students who constantly give 100% in classes or other walks of life. In essence it is awarded to those students who show a black belt attitude. Remember we are the Shudokan and not the Shudocan’t.

  Budo Badge

This is awarded to a student who shows exceptional improvement both within the Aikido class and their daily life. Instructors are looking for improvement in attitude, behaviour, spirit, attendance and technical ability. In other words it is a badge that you would be proud to receive and is not given out without the recipient having really deserved it beyond any doubt.

Here are a selection of our other badges that we use to promote life skills and technical achievement.

Forward Rolls
Belt Tying Badge
Clean Gi Badge
Heritage Badge
Count To 30 In Japanese